The Film Framer Team is an ever-growing community filled with filmmakers and content creators from around the world! Our team consists of talented and dedicated creators looking to continue using their crafts in the industry!




Director, Screenwriter, Actor, & Founder

Founder of Film Framers and Student Body President of Cañada College, Adrian is a Bay Area filmmaker that is committed in making films of color. Adrian is the winner of the Jury Award and Best Actor Award at Campus Movie Fest for his short film, I Do Not Fear You, which was also accepted into the 2020 Cannes Film Festival.




Director, Screenwriter, & Actor

Nader Bahu is a disabled filmmaker who makes films with a disability perspective. He has made 11 short films so far. His most famous film is Outcast, which focuses on disability discrimination, which has won awards and been screened in festivals in Italy, Switzerland, and Boston.




Director, Cinematographer, & Photographer

Jacob Yanto is a Bay Area filmmaker and photographer who illustrates his passion and creativity through more than just the lens. Jacob has photographed many portraits showcasing around the Bay Area. Jacob also shares the same passion in film, as he helped direct, shoot, and edit a video to raise awareness towards teenage homelessness, particularly homeless students. This same video would be later taken in by KQED's Above the Noise.




Multimedia Artist & Actor

Guidance Gunundu is an innovative multimedia artist who has 3+ years of experience in the creative field. He is a leader and motivator, adept at building organizational success by setting goals that promote individual success and improve team morale. He is a lifelong learn and a problem solver.




Screenwriter & Actor

Preston is a fairly new student to film and screenwriting who’s eager to turn his ideas as well as others into realities that bright up screens and stage productions. He is currently finishing his General Education with a goal to attend California State University of Long Beach and pursue screenwriting full time. On his free time he enjoys playing videos games, traveling, and spending time with loved ones.




Illustrator, Story Writer, & Assistant Editor

Maria has been part of online projects where she assisted the main writers on how to word the visual novel for web. She likes to reference life such as drawing environments and vehicles/aircrafts (if not the real ones then she uses the toy models she has).




Artist, Makeup Artist, & Photographer

Dawn takes her time with her art and makeup, perfecting every detail. She strives for a better angle in taking deep, meaningful photos. She tries her best to be the best at anything she is asked to do.




Video Editor, Musician, & Story Artist

Aspiring story artist who has played in bands his whole life. Professional video editor currently working for Arizona Highways Television.




Cinematographer & Photographer

As a photographer and videographer, Jose Rocha has been able to branch out into many different levels within the creative field. Jose has photographed many moments ranging from portraits to professional wrestling photography. As a videographer, Jose has helped clientele achieve their look. Jose produced/filmed/edited the award-winning film, I Do Not Fear You, which achieved the Jury Award, and also was accepted into the Cannes Film Festival. 




Director & Screenwriter

Jada Ganim spends a lot of her time writing and coming up with ideas for future films to make. When working on a film, she often takes on all of the jobs of director, writer, cinematographer, and editor - however she plans on just pursuing directing and screenwriting. 



Editor & Director of Photography

Miguel Abad is a Bay Area filmmaker who is boundless to try out different things in the industry. From filming products to creating short films, he likes to learn as much as he can.



Cinematographer & Editor

Nick Cloutier is a Digital Media Producer from North Smithfield, Rhode Island. Currently, he specializes product videography, music videos, and creating short films. Outside of filmmaking, he is also a music producer by the name of “Clutes”.

Chelsea J.JPG



Singer, Actress, & Podcaster

Chelsea Johnson has always loved how music is a universal connection that anyone can relate to. Chelsea’s latest single “She Ain’t Here” is available now, and her song “Stretch” off her EP Baby Girl was featured in the Mid-Season Finale of All American on the CW. Chelsea holds her BFA in Acting and has spent her time being a show runner and executive producer for her film reviewing podcast SheaButter&Popcorn which is available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and iHeartRadio.




 Actress, Filmmaker, & Podcaster

Tajianna Okechukwu is an actress, filmmaker, and activist from the Bay Area whose work in front and behind the camera often focuses on stories that explore social issues through a Black diaspora lens. Her documentary Flexin’ in My Complexion was showcased at film exhibitions in Oakland and San Francisco in 2019. Tajianna strives to tell stories that will shift paradigms and shake culture to achieve racial reconciliation in our society.

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Director & Director of Photography

 Chris Archer likes to make short films where he takes on some of the jobs like the writer, editor, and director. In addition to working with clientele, Chris writes stories and experiment with visual storytelling as he continues enhancing my skills.




Animator & Voice-Actor

Jonathan Yip is a traditional 2D animator, character designer, and voice-actor, based in the wonderful city of L.A. He is currently pursuing animation around an hour south of L.A. at CalState Long Beach. He has worked on many of his own personal projects, as well as helping others with their films. He is working on a few short films right now and developing my own cartoon characters




Video Editor & Content Creator

Kyree has been editing videos since 2017. His favorite genre of films are comedy, action and horror. He likes to have fun with projects he's done and everyday Kyree is learning something new about video editing. Kyree did a PSA video on "slut shaming" for his high school video editing class and was able to share his video with Dolby Studios for his field trip and was told that “a video like this is a video we pay people to make” and that motivated Kyree to be the best that he can be.



Animator & Director

   Rodrigo Gonzalez-Garcia is a 2D animator, visual artist, and director who spends time coming up with potential short films and visual designs. He has been very active in assisting with animated films and projects that require artistic talent, technical skills, and storytelling. Even taking chances to help lead with production and direction to share and improve his film making skills.



Photographer, Content Creator, & Aspiring Influencer

Eric has worked with many clothing brands and models to achieve a unique style of photography. He is constantly reaching out and networking to find new projects.




Artist, Producer, & Audio Engineer

Kobe has worked on an album for Jerm Deeezy, as well as an EP for J. Glory. He is also learning more about recording, so Kobe can eventually be a self sufficient artist and is taking the steps to do so. He also is empathetic and wants to understand people’s stories, he cares for his family and friends well being. Through his music he wants to heal hearts that are in pain with love as his artist name is Kobe Love.




Screenwriter, Director, & Actor

Dayo David puts God first in all he does. He is a Nigerian filmmaker. He is a scriptwriter and a director of great repute among gospel filmmakers in Lagos Nigeria.




2D Animator, Screenwriter, & Voice Actor

Amza Nantwi, who goes by Manic Amza online, loves stories. He believes that they can often alter his perspective of the world and that’s fascinating to him. He also loves art for the same reasons. Animation particularly allows the most freedom in storytelling and giving it life. Many little elements in what he watched and read influenced his style of drawing and helped him develop and progress as far as he is, and he is never gonna stop drawing and improving!


While he has mostly worked solo in regards to animations, he is eager to work with a group and learn to work with other creatives. He feels community is key for growth. 




Director, Screenwriter, & Actor

Filmmakers can change the world through a voice. Andres makes films to give a voice to those without a voice.




Director, Producer, Screenwriter, & Actress

Jaynar is a Bay-Area based filmmaker. She loves to create films for different movie genres. She aspires to become an auteur one day. Jaynar has worked for a few films but her latest film Crossing the Boarder: Reaching the Dream won the Tell Award for the Digital Promise 360  Challenge. It was featured in the San Francisco Film Festival, Global Voices Film Festival: USNC UN Women SF Bay Area, GoPro HQ and Facebook’s Oculus.




Musician & Actor

Zakir (stage name: ZAK!R), is a singer-songwriter from the San Francisco Bay Area with 7+ years of experience of working in the music industry. Zakir has worked on and released a full-length debut album, along with music videos accompanying his latest release "Veranda". Zakir has worked with 6-time Emmy award winning producer BZ Lewis, and is set to release his sophomore album in 2021.